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If you're a geoscience lover, you might like to read this article. In this article, we will examine some of the top geology apps you can check out. Geology covers a wide range of branches, including oceanography, sedimentology, paleontology, and geochemistry. It is a blessing that with the development of internet technology it is now possible to download numerous geology applications that assist you in understanding the various features of the earth.


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Geology is the science of studying the geological aspects of the earth. Geology is an interesting subject that will help you gain a better understanding of the earth's processes and features. Geology Buzz is a great resource for geology enthusiasts. Geology Buzz is dedicated to discussing all things geology. It's more of an informational site where people share information related to geology. Join the site to keep yourself up to date with geology news.

This app was created by a geologist at the University of Minnesota. If you're a travel lover, Flyover Country will make the perfect option. Flyover Country is an innovative application that gives users details about fossil sites geoology maps, core samples. It is a reliable app that provides genuine details.


Geochemistry is about studying the chemical processes of the earth that shape the Earth. This field will also study the matter cycle as well as the energy that transports the chemical elements. You will also study the interactions between chemical compounds with the environment and the hydrosphere. This is a part of the study of elements in the periodic list.

Google Earth is another excellent app that geology enthusiasts must-have. It is simple to use and gives clearness. The app lets users see the entire world simply by swiping across the screen. Google Earth has many functions. It provides a myriad of features to enhance users' experience. This app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.
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Paleontology refers to the study of fossils, and other ancient organisms. It's about revealing the earth's past. Microfossils can be used to provide valuable information about an area's past and present.

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