Essential Tips on How to Break in Tennis Shoes

Not many folks know that wearing soft and comfortable tennis shoes can make or break an important tennis match. When buying new tennis shoes, one will realize that the new pair is stiff and very hard, making it challenging to wear them for a long duration. Thatís why it is crucial first to know How to Break in Tennis Shoes. The reason why new tennis shoes are stiff is because of the material used for making them. Materials can range from vinyl, canvas to leather. It is vital to know How to Break in Tennis Shoes before the next big crucial match.

How to Break in Tennis Shoes

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So, How to Break in Tennis Shoes? Not everyone knows how to do it, and thatís fine. This article will provide helpful tips on How to Break in Tennis Shoes and help anyone overcome this problem by following some simple methods. Without using more words, letís get started. The first method is to wear the new tennis shoes. Indeed, nothing helps more to break in the shoes by wearing them around. While this may feel uncomfortable, it is among the best ways of breaking in and widening the stiff shoes.

The second method on How to Break in Tennis Shoes is to use extreme temperature. This is an effective method of breaking in tennis shoes. Putting them through extreme temperatures will help in stretching and softening the shoesí material.

Symptoms Of Wearing The Wrong Tennis Shoes

The first method of using the temperature method on tennis shoes is by exerting lots of heat. For this, one should wear socks before putting on the shoes. Wear woolen and very thick socks to generate a high amount of heat inside the tennis shoes.

Another method on How to Break in Tennis Shoes is using a blow dryer. Take a blow dryer, set it on a high heat level, and direct it towards the upper toes. When using the blow dryer, ensure to move it around the shoes and focus more on the toe region.

If possible, wiggle the toes around when using the blow dryer. While it may be challenging at first, one can gain more flexibility and mobility by continuing around the toes.

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